Brampton’s Opportunity Hub for Local Entrepreneurs

Photography credits to Brampton BEC

Brampton is a city bursting with potential! As one of the youngest cities in the country, Brampton is filled with bright ideas from young entrepreneurs in need of incubation. To foster innovation and cultivate growth in the city, the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC) was opened at 41 George Street South, just outside City Hall.  

The facility functions as a co-working space for entrepreneurs, while providing networking opportunities and resources for success. During the summer, the BEC hosts weekly workshops called “Entrepreneurs Connect”, proudly sponsored by MNP. Every workshop hosted between July 25, 2019 and August 15, 2019 will include a presentation by a professional at MNP as well as a networking opportunity for workshop attendees. 

However, what makes the BEC a true reflection of Brampton, is the inclusiveness. People of all ages and social backgrounds are welcomed at the BEC. I myself was able to access the facility, and obtain the advice I needed to successfully plan an event. 

As a secondary school student who is passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), I am working with a team of hardworking individuals to host a 24-hour hackathon for high school students called “The SPARK Hackathon”. With little personal experience contacting event sponsors and partners, I was ecstatic when Daniel Bishun, a Business Advisor at the BEC, offered his services to my team and agreed to help us expand our event. 

The SPARK Hackathon chairs: Ananya Jaikumar, Gurleen Badwal, Rajul Ghelani
Missing: Mehak Dhaliwal and Rishav Banerji

Daniel Bishun and his colleague Astawa Alam, an Innovation and Technology Coordinator for the City, were gracious and willing to help us achieve our goal of hosting a successful hackathon. They introduced my team to organizations including Our Wave Hub and the Brampton Economic Development Team, who offered us both financial support and mentorship for the 2019 SPARK Hackathon. 

With the help of the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, my team has received the support we need to host a successful event, while honing our event planning skills and advancing our careers in entrepreneurship. Likewise, consulting with a professional at the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre can open doors of opportunity for your business and jumpstart your career! 

Daniel Bishun (top row, centre) with his colleagues at a BEC event

For more information about the services at the BEC or to contact members of their team, please visit

Edited by: Hiral Patel