Bumpy Roll-out of Garbage Carts

Photo by Fazal Khan / Brampton Focus

The first month of the new Garbage cart roll-out has hit more than a few snags, but the Region says that there were only “minor” issues. Brampton Focus did it’s own survey through its members and we had complains that ranged from:

  • carts losing wheels
  • carts getting damaged
  • trucks breaking down
  • garbage not being picked up
  • routes being missed for days
  • people having no idea what bin to put out, bins not being placed 3ft apart
  • trucks not being able to get into small courts to pick-up bins
  • Call centers being inundated with complaints and unable to handle the volume
  • the dreaded Brampton squirrels munching their way through the thin skinned bins.

Now the City is directing city staff to “revisit” city bylaws (See Brampton Guardian story) because those who have the large bins are having to store them outside, which would run “afoul” of city bylaw in regards to outside storage. The pilot program took place in 2012 and so the concern I have is why were these issues not addressed at that time. Were there no issues with the carts? With storage? Where is the study or report for the pilot program? Was the report so glowing with no concerns? Why at this time are Councillors asking Staff for recommendations? – It would seem that once again a program is rolled out without too much thought on City impact.

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I hate this new garbage roll-out. If I happen to miss getting stuff out on a garbage day, I am stuck hanging onto it for two weeks… and for people without a garage, they need to keep that stink (baby diapers, kitty litter) inside their house. I still don’t see what the advantage was supposed to be with alternating the weekly pick ups.


@Lia the purpose was to save money & get people to look more critically at their waste. Brampton has the worst participation rates for recycling and composting. To the point that it is an embarrassment. The more you recycle & use the green bin, the easier this change is. Our family of 5 who often babysit for my sister & her young kids, haven’t had any problems with this new system. Sort your waste & this should be a non-issue.