Canada’s Safest Big City

How safe do you feel living in Brampton? Crime statistics say you should feel very safe. In a recent ranking of Canada’s Most Dangerous Cities, Brampton and Mississauga rank in the middle of the pack. The rankings are grouped by police geographic boundaries. As a consequence, Peel Region is reported without differentiation between Canada’s 6th and 9th largest cities. In neighbouring regions, York Region ranks safer than Peel. As well, Halton Region impressively ranks as one of the safest places in Canada.

Statistics unfortunately are of little comfort to a neighbour who has lived through a break-in or family member who has been the victim of assault. These qualitative measures that we “feel” are just as important as statistical measures.

Brampton also has negative perception problems that are reinforced by external media companies. These media outlets only report on crimes happening in our city. This reporting weighs heavily on residents.

Neighbourhood Watch Brampton is on a mission to elevate civic pride by helping residents create Canada’s safest big city, one neighbourhood at a time. At it’s core, Neighbourhood Watch is about knowing who your neighbours are, so that you can contact them if something seems out of place. The community volunteers that are part of the program understand the time restraints of residents and their desire for clear, simple, useful and timely information about their neighbourhood.

Volunteers are working closely with the highly regarded Neighbourhood Watch organizers in Mississauga, and are also bringing the program into the 21st century with simple tools to save time and keep residents informed.

In this webisode, Constable Adrian Wooley, a Community Laison Officer in Brampton gives a brief introduction to the program. Find out more by connecting online to find out when an informational meeting is scheduled for your area.

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