City’s Visitor Guide Snubs Local Media

The City of Brampton released their Official 2017 Brampton Visitor Guide. It is a printed publication that is created with the help of Tourism Toronto and paints the city in a very positive light for visitors.

This year’s Brampton Visitor Guide includes Top 5 food and restaurant recommendations by a Mississauga based media publication that recently started covering Brampton. The decision to include this media company’s recommendations, and the resulting public relations benefits raises questions about the selection process in choosing the Mississauga company. To an outside observer, this may seem like sour grapes, until these Top 5 Reasons are considered:

  1. Bramptonist provides original content, reviews and videos that are superior to the Mississauga based company.
  2. Bramptonist is mimicked often by the Mississauga based company, posting similar articles after they are posted by Bramptonist.
  3. Bramptonist was started and is run by an entrepreneurial Bramptonian.
  4. Bramptonist actively works with groups across the city, including the team at Brampton Focus, to help move Brampton forward and shine a positive light.
  5. Bramptonist knows Brampton. They have been nurturing the online media landscape in the city for over 2 years and knows the pulse of the city. They’ve relied on organic growth, not paid social media advertising.

We are waiting for a response from Tourism Brampton on the process they used to select the Mississauga based media company. Until then, you can contact Tourism Brampton, and follow Bramptonist for the best reviews and recommendations: Web  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram