Dixie 407 Sports Park renamed to Emancipation Park

The Dixie 407 Sports Park is being renamed to Emancipation Park after a unanimous motion was passed by Brampton’s City Council. The motion was introduced by Councilor Charmaine Williams and supported unanimoulsy. The decision was made in honour of Emancipation Month. Council will unveil the sign later this month.

Virtual celebrations are being held throughout August on the city’s website, including virtual flag raisings for Jamaican Independence Day, Dominican Republic Restoration Day, and Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day.

Black Talent, JunCtian Community Initiatives, and Charismatic Renewal Industries Inc. will take part in various activities that highlight career success and mentorship opportunities for the youth. The goal for Emancipation Month and it’s activities is to portray the city’s diversity while educating and empowering residents.