GlobalMedic provides ER triage tent at Brampton Civic

Temporary Expansion at Brampton Civic (Pandemic Plan Implementation)

Brampton Civic Hospital is preparing for an increased number of patients as a result of the COVID-19 crisis by installing a temporary triage tent in its parking lot. Another tent is also being installed at Etobicoke General.

The temporary structures are part of Osler’s escalated preparedness efforts as set out in its Pandemic Plan. The temporary Emergency Department triage structures will remain vacant until they are needed and can provide added capacity for Osler’s Emergency Departments should the need arise. The structure will provide a dedicated space for triaging patients who may require emergency care and will support the safety of patients who do not have COVID-19.

William Osler Health System says the infrastructure tents were generously provided and installed by GlobalMedic, a Canadian charity that runs capacity-building programs and provides disaster relief services around the world. The structure at Brampton Civic Hospital is located on the south side of the building close to the Emergency Department. Crews from Brampton Fire and Emergency as well as city public works helped to construct the structure over two days.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Peel is 448 with 4 deaths as of April 4th. 172 of those cases are in Brampton according to the Peel Public Health website.

Earlier this year Brampton City Council declared a Health Care Emergency and put forward a motion that directed city staff to work with William Osler Health System and the provincial and federal government to request funding to Brampton Civic Hospital and Peel Memorial Center. The motion also requested a fully operational Emergency Department and adequate inpatient services with additional hospital beds to ensure hospital bed count is equivalent to the provincial average per capita. Mayor Patrick Brown stated at the time that ” Brampton has 600 beds, and it needs approximately 800 more to meet the provincial average.” He said that “we’ve declared a health care emergency because our residents are fed up.”

Brampton Civic has long had a reputation for being ground zero of hallway medicine. The city has been operating at half of the provincial average of beds per capita and appeals to provincial and local politicians from health care professionals and residents to convert Peel Memorial to a fully operational hospital have yet to result in new beds.

The Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington claims to be the first in Ontario to expand its capacity. Their expansion reportedly is costing more than $2 million for 93 temporary beds. They are also providing free parking for staff and visitors during April.