No More Silence for Domestic Violence in Peel

Brampton Focus hosted a series of townhalls to bring awareness to domestic violence, an issue that is nondiscriminatory to its victims who could be suffering silently.

This 3 part series was hosted by Michael A. Charbon, where he discusses domestic violence with survivors, personnel of domestic aid services, Peel Police, and Neighbourhood Watch Brampton.

Part 1 of our townhall covers the hidden issue that is domestic violence and we hear the stories of two brave survivors.
Part 2 of our townhall goes into the services and people are there for domestic violence survivors such with Rebecca Phillips and Vernice Thomas (of Victim Services of Peel), and Laura Zilney (of Hope 24/7) .
Part 3 of our townhall will go into the emergency services that are available to survivors including 21 Division’s Peel Police, with Scott Dale, and Neighbourhood Watch Brampton, with Nicole Cedrone.

More information from the services highlighted in our townhall can be found here:

Victims Services of Peel –
Hope 24/7 –
Peel Police –
NWBrampton –