Councillor Moore Appeals for Fair Share Funding

In this episode of Brampton Focus, Michael Charbon talks to one of the longest serving members of Brampton City Council, Regional Councillor for Wards 1 and 5, Elaine Moore.

Councillor Moore discusses the lack of representation by Brampton at Peel Regional Council, and the lack of funding for Peel Region in comparison to our population.

As far back as as December 2004, Justice Adams recommended that Brampton have all ten of its Councillors represented at Peel Region. Currently, the city has ten councillors that represent residents at city council, yet only six of them have a seat at the regional council. In Mississauga, all of their council members have a seat at the regional council. Councillor Moore discusses the imbalance at the table and the need to have “an adult conversation about dissolving the marriage”.

Fair Share Peel, an umbrella group consisting of 67 organizations has been advocating for over 20 years to the Provincial and Federal governments for a fairer funding model for the needs of Peel Region. Facing a funding gap of $366 Million dollars, the Region has had to “pick up the slack” and Health and Human funding groups having to stretch dollars by integrating with other organizations.

Councillor Moore discusses the challenge of ever increasing applications from non-profit organizations for funding as a consequence of the Provincial and Federal funding shortfall. Moore says the situation requires “a call to Action” to challenge both levels of government and provide a different approach to funding.

Discussing the “turmoil” of this Council, Councillor Moore welcomes spirited debate as long as it is not personal. She says that as returning Councillors, “we have a responsibility to be patient and to mentor as well.”  As a City Councillor for 14 years, Elaine Moore has seen Mayor’s come and go. She responds to our question about running for Mayor of Brampton.