Received a Parking Penalty Notice Recently?

In 2015, the City of Brampton, like many municipalities across Ontario started using AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) for parking fines.

AMPS is supposed to be a faster and more flexible process for payment, appeal and collection of parking penalties. The system is fully managed by the City of Brampton and replaces the current judicial appeal process. It applies to parking tickets/violations within the City of Brampton that meet the following criteria:

  • The parking penalty is not more than $100; and
  • The violation does not relate to accessible parking.

Under the new program a ‘parking violation’ will become known as a ‘parking penalty notice’. These parking penalties must be paid within 15 days of being issued. The system replaces the current judicial process for appealing parking tickets and frees up valuable court time to deal with more serious issues.

Every person has the right, within a limited time, to dispute the parking penalty by requesting a Screening Review meeting. The Screening Review meeting will be overseen by a Screening Officer, who has the authority to uphold, cancel or reduce the parking penalty.

The holder of the penalty notice has up to 15 days after the Screening Officer’s decision to appeal the outcome of the Screening Review meeting to a Hearing Review Meeting. The Hearing Officer’s decision, following the Hearing Review meeting, will be final. 

Do you feel the AMPS system will be a benefit to our City and the residents, now that the process has reduced the amount of time required in Provincial Court or do you feel this is another way for the Municipal to get more of our money faster?

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