TGIF: A City Awash in $$$’s

If there ever was a week to look forward to Friday, this one ranks right up there. We have so much money in Brampton that we are throwing it around like confetti. Drunken Sailors are nothing compared to what our Councillors have decided:

  • $1.5M to the Beast ($1.75M with the HST)
  • $250,000 to study feasibility to purchase the Powerade Center
  • $250,000 to study more routes for the LRT , which we have no Provincial or Federal funding for.

AND THAT’S JUST THIS WEEK. Can hardly wait for next week to see how much more of our tax dollars will be spent on idiotic plans. If you think your tax bill is going down anytime soon, THINK AGAIN.

Have a nice weekend.

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