“I hope that the new comers will learn the values of the white people…”

An email exchange between a resident and Brampton Regional Councillor John Sprovieri is making the rounds on social media and is stirring reaction and frustration. Brampton Focus received confirmation that the email is authentic, however, we are awaiting a response from Councillor Sprovieri to find out if he authored the response. The text of the exchange is included below:

Subject: RE: Why are WHITE PEOPLE still planning Brampton’s future:


To be fair, people of all races, colour and creeds are eager to come to Brampton and Canada because the white people of this nation have developed a great system where everyone is welcome and can live peacefully together. I hope that the new comers will learn the values of the white people so that Brampton and Canada will continue to be a favourite destination for people who want a better and peaceful lifestyle.

Regards, John.

We are also waiting for a comment from the office of the Mayor of Brampton. Online reaction has been swift with both condemnation of the Councillor, and those that say the response to the constituent is a private exchange that is being taken out of context. Residents are also voicing concern that the email was written on June 26th and copied to many local leaders, elected politicians and the Brampton Guardian, yet it took 4 days before a leaked photograph was shared online.

The Councillor’s alleged comments and the reaction to them are a stark reminder as we celebrate our country’s 150th birthday that issues of diversity, inclusion, equity and reconciliation with our Indigenous peoples are still unresolved.  Residents in Brampton are at the forefront of the challenges and opportunities facing us as a nation. We are a highly diverse city made of up people from all around the world who aspire to a better life. We are growing fast while trying to adapt to the influence of technology and how our society functions. Yet, we seem bogged down by 20th century attitudes that limit our prosperity.

An update to this article is now available: Mayor Urges Diversity Training for Councillor Sprovieri

You can find a snapshot of what appears to be the original email and add to the commentary on the Brampton Focus Facebook Group.