Looking for a Job This Summer? Watch Wet’n’Wild GM Steve Mayer and Councillor Pat Fortini

Opinionated Rookie City Councillor Pat Fortini represens residents in Ward’s 7/8 and joins us to discuss the 2017 budget, the missing 100 pages, the exceedingly high percentage of property taxes going to city salaries, wages and benefits, property tax increases, jobs, the University and what’s ahead in 2018.

Pat Fortini is also joined by the General Manager of Wet’n’Wild, Steve Mayer. The closure of Wild Water Kingdom left a huge void in the city, especially for students looking for summer jobs. Mr. Mayer discusses the investment of $25 Million by Premier Properties to┬árenovate and create a Caribbean themed water Park that will employ close to 600 people this year. The renovated facility will be part of the Wet’n’Wild brand and will be referred to as the Toronto location, even though it is located in Brampton. Job applications are currently being accepted.

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2017, Counicillor Fortini discusses the progress of the University bid, the possibility of revisiting the HMLRT and its funding, as well as the biggest difference of the private to the public sector. He says, “for certain Councilors it’s only about getting your picture in the paper and who did what for credit, it’s about team work….in the private sector they give you a pink slip if your not a team player.”

  • As pointed out by one of our viewers, the Councillor erroneously stated that the City portion of the 2017 tax increase was .08%, when in actual fact it was 3.3%, the overall blended rate is 2.3%