$1.5M Taxpayer Bailout for Brampton Beast

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Brampton City Council has decided by an 8-2 vote to give $1,500,000 of taxpayer dollars to prop-up the Brampton Beast for the next 3 years. The Beast, a privately owned and run group led by Gregg Rosen, owner of Kimco Steel in Kingston and minority owner Cary Kaplan, both pleaded their case to “help the team make a run at growing pro hockey in Brampton”, and asked council for an infusion of taxpayer cash.  Mr. Rosen stated that “he isn’t willing” to continue to lose millions of dollars.  Eight Councillors (Gibson, Moore, WhillansPalleschi, BowmanFortini, Miles, Sprovieri) on the other hand have no qualms about giving away taxpayer dollars to private business people.

Why is the City of Brampton using taxpayer money to fund a private business, especially without any guaranty or collateral.  Strangely, a clause that would have Mr. Rosen match the infusion of cash that the city was willing to give to the Beast was withdrawn. And what do the taxpayers of this city get for this handout? A big fat ZERO – No free tickets – No guarantee – No security – NOTHING.

Meanwhile, Brampton community groups have had their funding curtailed or totally withdrawn and organizations like Carabram continue to face an inquisition like justification for funding. Our city tax bill has gone up by 11% over the past 2 years in part to address crumbling infrastructure, yet we have money to throw at a private business. Brampton City Council doesn’t appear to understand fiscal restraint or responsibility to the taxpayers of this city.  Council loves to throw money in the wind at every opportunity and continues to make terrible fiscal decisions.

The two dissenting votes were Mayor Linda Jeffrey and Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon.  The Councillors that voted for the handout should put their own money into the venture if they believe it to be a good investment and leave the taxpayers money out of it.

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What a rotten move. This is what has driven Americans to despair – and Brampton residents to just mutter. No one wants to say it: venality. Yep, the hangers on can gnash their teeth at my outspoken attitude. Hugs, ISH.

Derek Smith
Derek Smith

Donald Mcleod I must say you are an absolute joke and am surprised you even received 2..69% of the Mayor vote in 2014 and thank goodness you never will be a Mayor because you would run any city to dirt. Continuing this article is completely wrong, if you want to be somewhat respectable you should at least be able to write a proper article. First, the match from Mr. Rosen IS a part of the agreement. Second, this is far from a bailout and an increase in tax for residents as it is a Partnership agreement in terms of sponsorship… Read more »


Derek Smith, I cannot speak for Donald Mcleod. I do note, nevertheless, that your response steered clear of the major issue – that of a dole of City cash by eight of Brampton’s Councillors to a wealthy owner of the corporation that controls Brampton Beast. Hugs. ISH.

Vidya Sagar Gautam
Vidya Sagar Gautam

This is the right time for Brampton residents to ask tough questions on the bailout of Brampton beast using our tax dollars. In this free choice model of mind I would never agree to have my hard earned money to be used to a lousy preordained proposal by 8 city councillors.Nevertheless, when our 8 councillors will learn to say no to such proposals in future.

Derek Smith
Derek Smith

Brampton focus.. I’ll leave it at that.


Derek Smith, have a good week. As you can assess, many or most are gobsmacked at the reconfirmation that the GiveawayEight Councillors are contemptuous of taxpayers and spendthrifts in favour of wealthy bottom lines. This outrageous elitism Is a pox on Brampton. It’s as if the Fennell Gang was reborn. Even Pat Fortini who used to rail to me and others about (expletives deleted) Safe City and Gael Miles has ingratiated himself with that same lot. They are not good for Brampton and of course not good for me. Donald Mcleod suggested that this gang use their own money to… Read more »