Up to $15k available for Brampton artists

Brampton Focus file photo (2020)

A temporary funding grant for local artists and arts organizations was introduced by the City of Brampton on June 17th. Non-profit arts organizations can apply for up to $15,000 in funding and individual artists can apply for up to $1000. Jazz pianist Ashwin Krishnan recently spoke with us about how the fund would support him as an artist.

Applications from organizations will not be accepted past July 30th, and applications from individual artists will be accepted on a rolling basis until the end of 2020. See Guidelines.

Ashwin Krishnan speaks about the impacts of COVID-19 on the local arts community.

The grant program was developed as the arts, culture, and creative industries have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. It is anticipated that these sectors will be one of the last to reopen, and financial instability will continue to be an issue.