Conquering Back to School

The sound of the first school bell in September marks the screeching halt of long, hot and fun summer days. Kids will tell you that summer actually ends at the sound of those ominous “back to school” words from parents. In this Season 2 opener of Brampton Focus, we share ideas to help your students through this stressful time of year, including:

  • School Safety Issues with Constable Michelle Vivian from Peel Regional Police. In addition to students having to be aware of their surroundings, especially important is that all drivers be at a heightened level of awareness. Every year it seems there are incidents around the GTA that result in serious injury to kids. Please leave earlier than your normal routine, be patient, and slow down. Parents of younger students should also review the Peel Children’s Safety Village website.
  • After-School Sports with Jeneita Brown and Angelina du Toit from Cheer Fuzion All-stars. Ms. Brown is the owner of this cheer program and speaks to the benefits of physical activity and how it contributes to the overall wellness and balance for kids. Find out more about this program at the website. You can also watch a short video we recently captured at their gym during a training session.
  • Academic Enrichment and Remedial Programs with Iffat Amin from Kumon Math and Reading Centre. Ms. Amin is an experienced Instructor that explains how her program helps students through a free assessment that takes about 30 minutes. The assessment gives direction to parents so that they can decide to challenge their kids to go beyond their current grade level or to consider remedial help in math and reading abilities. Contact Iffat for your student’s free no-obligation assessment.

Tell us about programs outside of school that you get your kids involved with during the school year. We might even feature it on a future program. Email: