In-Depth with Brampton Councillor Pat Fortini

Brampton’s population is set to grow by 50% to over 900,000 people by 2031. Our needs as a city are also growing. Hear directly from Brampton City Councillor Pat Fortini (Ward 7/8) as he responds to concerns including tax increases, budget discussions, LRT, transit, University status and jobs.

Councillor Fortini discusses the closing of Wild Water Kingdom, if it will re-open, and the number of jobs at stake. Will property taxes continue to go up and strain the wallets of residents as it has for the last few years? The city’s new CAO, Harry Schlange is also discussed, including the concerns raised through the MacArthur Report.

There is also a growing chorus of concern about the status of the city’s University plans. A “Blue Ribbon Panel” was established early in this council’s term to bring a University to the city. To date, we’ve heard very little from this group which includes members of council, prominent residents and former Ontario Premier Bill Davis. Councillor Fortini responds and also comments on what to expect in terms of rapid transit development.

We also ask the councilor for updates on pending court actions and settlements with the owner of Brampton’s Big Blue House, the lawsuit from prominent developer Inzola who was excluded from the southwest quadrant City Hall expansion, and ongoing financial issues with the now defunct Safe City.