End Brampton’s hallway healthcare crisis now

The sad reality of politics and governance is that attention is given to those who raise their voices above others. Occasionally, when there is uniform agreement between politicians, professionals and residents that a problem exists, then the voices have the opportunity to become an overwhelming drumbeat that cannot be ignored.

The drumbeat for better healthcare in Brampton hasn’t yet been heard. Every few months, we hear about incidents of hallway healthcare, excruciating experiences by the elderly, and long wait times. At election time we hear politicians console us with words of compassion, yet very little action is taken.

Our city is the epicentre for much of what is not working in our healthcare system and your voice is needed, and it is needed right now. Hospitals take many years to get built and the issues we are experiencing will certainly get worse as our city continues to grow. This is literally a life and death scenario.

Ameek Singh, a local resident, took the initiative to attend and speak on our hallway healthcare crisis at a provincial budget consultation that was held in Bancroft (read his written submission). He is challenging all residents to provide input to the provincial government as evidence that more investment should be directed to Brampton. He says that “we need as many Bramptonians to talk about this and send an email to submissions@ontario.ca.”

Time is short as the feedback deadline is Friday (Feb 8). Here is what to do immediately:

  1. Share this call to action with family and friends
  2. Send an email to submissions@ontario.ca
  3. In your email:
    • use subject line:  2019 Budget Consultations
    • Write or attach a word document up to 500 words or less
    • include in your write-up suggestions to cut hospital wait times and end hallway healthcare, especially here in Brampton