Mayor Jeffrey’s Annual Interview – 2017 Edition

In our annual interview with Mayor Linda Jeffrey we ask about the recently approved city budget that consisted of a 3.6% operating budget increase. Once blended with the regional and educational portion of the tax bill this will result in a residential tax increase of 2.3%. The Mayor defends the 3.6% city budget increase and explains why it is so important to continue the 2% infrastructure levy.

The Mayor also addresses the “missing” 100+ pages totaling $2.6 Million worth of “expenditures” missing from the city’s website, stating that “some councilors did not actually go through the book and get into the granular detail.” The Mayor also lashed out at Councillors who voted themselves a 7% pay raise in their first year.

Looking ahead to 2017, the Mayor discusses the University, road tolls and H.O.V lanes on the 410, as well as what is Brampton doing to attract more businesses to the city.

Host Michael A. Charbon is extra lively in this episode and nudges the Mayor with questions submitted directly from our Facebook Group members. Enjoy!