Zero tolerance for speeding in Brampton

Automated Speed Enforcement sign on Vodden St. E.

The City of Brampton will be implementing Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) in 200 locations across the city, along with introducing 25 new Community Safety Zones by September. 

Signs will be posted upon entering Brampton advising drivers that ASE is in place, with the 5 locations below having operational cameras as soon as September:

  • Ward 1 – Vodden Street East
  • Ward 2 – Richvale Drive North
  • Ward 3 – Ray Lawson Blvd
  • Ward 8 – Avondale Blvd
  • Ward 9 – Fernforest Drive

The procurement of cameras and technological resources is expected to be completed by the end of this year. 

Automated Speed Enforcement is a system that uses cameras and speed measuring devices to enforce speed limits and identify vehicles that are not abiding by speed limits. Brampton was one of the first cities in Ontario to introduce the technology in December 2019

The announcement comes after City Council unanimously approved a motion to expand the implementation of ASE on July 8. As speed-related accidents continue to shock Bramptonians, the city is leveraging various resources to enhance road safety, especially in school and community zones.

Mayor Patrick Brown fully supports the implementation, saying “there is absolutely zero tolerance for speeding in Brampton and our Council will continue to take action to make this message clear.”

Watch Mayor Patrick Brown speak with Brampton Focus about the launch of ASE in December 2019 and the importance of safety measures to keep citizens safe.